As a producer, recording artist, and audio engineer, I have worked with many different bands and singer/songwriters in the Philadelphia area.

This is a short sampling of my work. For a full list of clients, click "Explore More" at the bottom.


Chris Paterno - "Don't Want To Be In Love"

Chris Paterno is a Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter that writes for himself as well as for his seven-piece band. I have had the pleasure of working with him on both fronts, to which we have yielded, through very exciting collaborative efforts, music I am always really happy to say I have done. This is a production we did outside of the band out of a desire to take a more electronic direction.


The Phonies - "No Matter Where"

I play keyboards in The Phonies so maybe I'm a little biased, but I think we rock. We recently recorded this song live, and I aided in the mixing process as well as mastered the song. I'd go on, but I believe the tune speaks for itself.


EZRA - "The Gutless"

Ezra is an interesting artist. I hear his music as a combination of a Beatles-esque sound combined with a Bob Dylan style attentiveness to his lyrics. Primarily channeling a stripped-down and acoustic sound, he is an artist that knows his vision, knows with certainty what he likes and dislikes, but is always open to seeing things another way as well as always seeking my input and guidance as a producer.


"Beyond Words"

Alright... I plugged one of my own in here. If it's too self-promoting I apologize, but I was really proud of how this song turned out both as a writer as well as a producer. I'm still new to lyrical composition, and I feel like I really nailed something here. On top of that, I had all sorts of fun bringing my good friend Trevor Rodgers in on drums. He, like myself, has an ear for experimentation, and he came to this session with all sorts of toys, drums, and cymbals that I think really brought the piece to life.


Steve Prudente - "Rude Boy"

Steve is a punk rocker at his heart, but I worked with him on an acoustic record. After playing many shows of just him, his guitar, and his harmonica, he came to me asking to replicate the intimate sound of him at a solo show. In the mixing stage, Rude Boy really stuck out to me as a supremely personal song that delivered a powerful and relatable emotion that I think we have all experienced one time or another.