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These are the sounds that came out of my brain for the most part. If you would like to hear sounds that came out of other peoples’ brains that I helped facilitate, click here!

Unequal Rewards_cover.png

Unequal Rewards

by Rob Wickline (feat. Richard D. Wolff)

Capitalism is an unjust economic system that on a fundamental level rewards us differently depending on the amount of power one has. In this beat, Richard D. Wolff lays out some facts that Fortune Magazine, a friend of business ironically, discovered in a study tracking financial increase across employers and their employees that brings this aspect of capitalism to the forefront. Damning indeed.


Why Are You So Angry?

by Rob Wickline

In a blaze of extreme anxiety and rage, I realized it would be best to just start writing down lyrics to try and process what I was feeling. It was cathartic and a stream of consciousness. I don’t ever do this style of production… or writing… or vocal style… or anything about it! But I always wanted to dabble in these aesthetics, so this is stepping outside my comfort zone to the max! Enjoy!

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by Rob Wickline

My first release. When in college, I discovered the "wobble bass", and couldn't help but feel it had much more potential than what electronic artists were doing with it at the time. So I decided to create several works where I experimented with the texture, gave it solos, and incorporated other electronic elements that were still very new to me.